About PMCA

Mission Statement
To provide services that reflect current business needs and to represent the business interests of the independent energy marketers and convenience store owners of Kansas.

PMCA Approaches a Century of Service
. We’re here to provide our members tools to help manage their energy marketing and retail businesses — better. For nearly 100 years, the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association of Kansas has been representing the independent petroleum-marketing industry in Kansas.

Today’s PMCA members include petroleum distributors, gasoline retailers and convenience store operators.

And all our members select from a range of programs and services designed specifically to help them in the day-to-day operations of their business. Among the member business materials, programs, and services we offer, you’ll find:
  • PMCA-organized education programs and networking opportunities keeping members in the know and connected to other segments of the industry.
  • PMCA lobby representation in the Kansas Legislature, seeking to obtain PMCA-provided regulatory guidance keeping members informed on state and federal compliance issues.
  • PMCA-offered insurance and credit-card-processing programs.
  • Daily business consumables, including decals and custom invoices, that are affordable and often not available elsewhere.
  • Tank Management Services, Inc. (TMS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PMCA, provides valuable environmental-data services to tank owners, such as electronic data interchange, statistical inventory reconciliation.
  • TMS also provides third-party liability insurance for underground storage tanks and sponsors EPA-required training programs for persons engaged in the use of underground storage tanks.
In addition to PMCA’s distributors and retail members are active associate members representing nearly 100 companies whose products and services are vital to the success of petroleum distributorships, convenience stores, and retail outlets.

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