PMCA Committees

In May 2012 the PMCA Board of Directors voted to change the association structure to a committee-based approach, designed to generate input from the general membership to help in the decision making process.  The new structure is designed to strengthen PMCA of Kansas by:

  •   Increasing opportunties for members to participate in the decision making process through active participation on a committee.
  •   Improve the decision making process by broadening the knowledge base to ensure association leadership has proper information to base decisions.
  •   Improve transparency of the association by increasing the number of members actively participating in the decision making process.
  •   Improve transparency of the association by the differing sectors of the industry by ensuring all sectors are given appropriate attention by association leadership.

The board created five committees that are broad enough to cover all aspects of the industry.  The committees are:

Motor Fuels – Fuel blends, renewable fuels, RVP, excise tax, fuel availablity, labelling, Weights and Measures, UST/AST, SPCC, etc.  Click here for committee member list.  9/17/12 Minutes; 4/11/13 Minutes; 4/11/13 Magellan Presentation; 9/16/13 Minutes; 2/28/14 Minutes; 9/15/14 Minutes

Transporation – Bulk fuel trucks, Highway Transportation Adminstration regulations, Highway Patrol inspections, license fees, KCC, Hazmat training/requirements, meters, bill of lading requirements, product transfer documents, DOT rules and regulations, etc.  Click here for committee member list.  9/17/12 Minutes; 4/24/14 Minutes9/16/13 Minutes

C-Store/Retail – Employee issues, food safety preparation, tobacco/alcohol issues, ADA compliance, PCI compliance, licensing, Department of Revenue regulations, lottery, pump labels, inside store issues, operator training, etc. Click here for committee member list.  9/17/12 Minutes; 3/1/13 Minutes; 9/16/13 Minutes; 2/28/14 Minutes; 9/14/14 Minutes

Lubes – Quality testing, sales tax on drums, drum cleaning, etc.  Click here for committee member list.  9/17/12 Minutes

Membership/Convention – Plan convention, association events and trips, member retention, member recruitment, etc.  Click here for committee member list.  9/17/12 Minutes3/1/13 Minutes; 4/30/13 Minutes; 2/28/14 Minutes

All PMCA members are welcome to be apart of any of these committees.  If you are interested in becoming a member of one or more of these committees, please contact Tom Palace, or Judy Menke, or call the PMCA office 785-233-9655.

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