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We Card 
The We Card program is widely accepted across the country as a premier tobacco sales training and education program. It works with retailers, trade associations, government officials, community groups and others to provide tools and training to retailers large and small.  For online training and WeCard materials click here.

Operator Training
State of Kansas Senate Bill 190, signed by Governor Kathleen Sebelius on March 23, 2007 required operators of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) to take Operator Training and such training will be required for 2012/2013 UST Permit.

UST Operator Training is FREE if you own or operate USTs in Kansas. Training for “A” operators (persons having primary responsibility for the on-site operation and maintenance of USTs) and “B” operators (persons having daily on-site responsibility for the operation and maintenance of USTs) are offered in group sessions across Kansas.  “C” operator training can be done by A/B level operator on site or through online training. For information on A/B level classroom training or online C level training, click here.

Food Safety
The Kansas Department of Agriculture promotes public safety by regulating the production and sale of food products in Kansas through several programs. 

The Food Safety and Lodging program is responsible for food safety involving eggs and for inspections at grocery stores, restaurants in grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, schools, senior meal sites, mobile food units, lodging facilities, food wholesalers and warehouses, food processors and food manufacturers.  Click here for more information on food safety.

Uncork Kansas
Uncork Kansas is a movement to modernize antiquated Kansas liquor laws by allowing you the consumer to decide where you buy alcoholic beverages — rather than having the government decide for you.  The proposed new law will allow grocery and convenience stores to sell adult beverages and will lift restrictions on liquor stores allowing them to sell items such as ice, mixers and snacks.  It’s a win-win deal for everyone involved. Click here for more info.

Kansas Lottery – ADA Quick Reference Compliance Guide
Kansas Lottery retailers must comply with ADA regulations.  Click here for the ADA Quick Reference Compliance Requirement Guide. For more information you can contact the Kansas Lottery ADA/Security office at 785-296-5713 or toll free 800-322-5688.

OPIS from PMCA Convention 2013
Click here to view.   

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