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Endorsed Companies

Designed to meet the needs of today, our member–driven association provides all the benefits for your business to succeed. Take advantage of PMCA’s member services and your company will save money and increase profitability.

Remember, PMCA member services generate a very important source of “non-dues revenue”, helping keep your PMCA membership dues as low as possible. This “non-dues revenue” stream provides PMCA with the tools we need to protect and advance your legislative and regulatory interests at the State and Federal levels.  PMCA would like to give all six  Endorsed Companies a big thank you. PMCA sincerely appreciates the support that each of these companies gives to the Association throughout the year and strongly encourages all PMCA members to take advantage of their outstanding goods and services.

Accudata Credit Services
Credit Systems, Employment Reports, Criminal Backgrounds, Credit, Liquor Control, Driver/Motor Vehicle & More
Want up-to-date reports on your employees? Accudata Credit Systems includes a wide variety of services with online access designed to deliver Multi-State Criminal Record Reports, Social Security Number Verification, Liquor and Business License Reports, Motor Vehicle Reports and Commercial and Consumer Credit Reports. Many online “background check” services do not provide accurate or complete background checks and do not deliver on their promises, so be careful and consider giving Accudata a try today.

Kevin Thompson
(573) 893-7500


The BARS Program
Compliance Checking Service for Age-Sensitive Products
The BARS Program takes compliance training into the store. Twice each month, they send their Checkers, aged 21-25, into your location to conduct mock purchases of cigarettes and beer. The Checkers monitor whether the employee asks for the customer’s ID prior to ringing the sale. If the ID is requested, the employee receives a Green Card. If not, a Red Card is given. If your location uses an age-verification device, the Checkers will monitor whether the employees use the device. When you compare the cost of just one failed sting to the nominal fee paid for the Bars Program’s services, the return on investment is unquestionable. The BARS Program has saved their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years—profits that go directly to your bottom line.

David Gaudet
(303) 796-7888

  The BARS Program
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas
PMCA Member Health Plan
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is proud to offer PMCA member with special health programs aimed at saving you money without compromising your coverage. Programs are pool-rated among similar industry groups versus individual group experience rates.  You’re able to control your yearly premiums based on the plan that’s chosen. Don’t forget, when you sign up with BCBSKS you’re receiving the largest network of hospitals and providers in Kansas.

Judy Menke
(785) 233-9655 Ext. 301

Federated Insurance - PMCA President's Council Partner

For over ?? years, Federated Insurance has worked to assist PMCA members with all their petroleum industry related insurance needs.  Founded in 1904, Federated is committed to providing superior insurance and risk management services to business owners and affinity groups. PMCA trusts Federated Insurance to provide premium service and superior protection in servicing the industry needs of our members.  At your next insurance renewal, give Federated a call and see what they can do for your business. 

Kyle Bluestein, Account Executive
(513)884-5454;  Fax: (507)446-4756

 Petroleum Card Services

PCS is located in Minden NV and was established in 1999 to provide a merchant service solution for the independent unbranded petroleum market. PCS has a program specially designed with the independent gas stations and c-store operator in mind. We also offer our service to Truck Stops, Jobbers, Oil Change Outlets, Automotive Repair, Unattended Public Sites and Co-ops. We are committed to provide PMCA members with a dedicated sales team to ensure the entire process runs smoothly. We understand that processing petroleum payments and supporting our customers are the keys to our success. With over 50 years combined experience on our technical support team we guarantee the PMCA Membership Experience and Level of Satisfaction that is unmatched by any other provider.

Melissa Espinosa, Corporate Sales Executive
(866) 427-7297, Ext. 135
Direct: (775) 552-3035; Fax: (775) 782-2615


Tank Management Services, Inc.
EDI-Electronic Filing Services/SIR-Statistical Inventory Reconciliation/UST Operator Training
TMS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PMCA providing valuable environmental-data services to tank owners, such as electronic data interchange (EDI) for filing motor fuel tax returns with KDOR; statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) required by KDHE for some UST operators; risk management, loss control and tank audits. TMS also provides third-party liability insurance for underground storage tanks and is the sole provider in Kansas of EPA-required operator training program for persons engaged in the use of underground storage tanks.

(785) 233-1414


PMCA membership for petroleum distributors, gasoline retailers and convenience store operators avails them to a wide selection of programs and services.   

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