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Legislative Contact Information

Contact Your Legislator

The letter is a direct way to communicate with a state legislative office.

When writing a letter, this list of suggestions will help you improve its effectiveness:

    • Individual written letters make a greater impression on your legislator.

    • Type your name, address, and phone number at the top.

    • Be specific.Your purpose for writing should be stated in the first paragraph.

    • State your position. Explain why you support or oppose this particular issue.

    • Indicate to your legislator that you would appreciate a reply containing his/her position on the issue.

    • Follow up. If you agree with your legislator’s vote, take the time to let him/her know that.

    • Similarly, if you disagree with his or her vote, inform your legislator.

Proper Address for the State Senate:
The Honorable (Full Name)
Kansas Senate
Kansas State Capitol, (Room Number)
300 SW 10th St.
Topeka, KS 66612

Proper Address the Kansas House of Representatives:
The Honorable (Full Name)
Kansas House of Representatives
Kansas State Capitol, (Room Number)
300 SW 10th St.
Topeka, KS 66612

Phone Your Legislator
To find your Kansas legislator’s phone number, you may use the searchable online state legislature directory by entering in your address or call the Kansas switchboard at 785.296.0111 and ask for your Senator or Representative’s office.Keep in mind that the legislative session only takes place from January to May, so try to get the number for your legislator’s district office. Telephone calls are often taken by a staff member and not the actual legislative member. Ask to speak with the aide who handles the issue on which you wish to comment. If they are not available, you may also leave a message. If you speak with someone other than your legislator, take down his or her name and title.

Find your Kansas Legislator by Address
Find your US Representative
Find your US Senator

Visit the following sites for state and federal information
Kansas Government Information
Kansas Legislative Information
Federal Government Information

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